Flash resided at the City Animal Shelter before making Red Tiger Ranch her permanent home in 2012. She has been specifically trained in socialization skills, obedience, and performing under stressful situations. She shares her companionship with kids at community service events, as well as with karate students at ninja camps.

Our junior students enjoy learning about Flash's fun celebrity friends. Before joining our program, she trained with the legendary Hong Kong Phooey in the art of Kong Phoo. But it was the master instructor named "Ninja" that taught her the most about being a fun, super-fast, karate mascot. It was at this time during her training that she earned the nickname "Flash." She then went on to help train Scooby Doo on samarai tactics to solve mysteries and to catch bad guys. Lastly, Flash is a consultant to McGruff the Crime Dog, doing her part to "take a bite out of crime."

A favorite among our younger students, Flash loves to spend time with children and tries to attend our junior events when possible. She especially enjoys licking kids and working security to keep unruly parents at bay.

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FLASH is the fastest mascot in Texas!










FLASH has trained with the legendary
Hong Kong Phooey in the art of Kong Phoo.





FLASH attributes her speed and skills to the
teachings of her master mascot instructor Ninja (retired).


FLASH volunteers her time teaching other animals karate techniques such as the flying front kick.