Robert Margach - Director - (817) 845-1557 - E-mail

  • Began martial arts training in 1973
  • Certified Master Black Belt & Chief Instructor
  • Styles include: American Karate, Judo, Jiu-jitsu
    Shotokan Karate, and Tae Kwon Do
  • Professionally teaching for decades
  • Established Red Tiger Karate in 1999
  • Educational background:
    MBA & Bachelor of Science, Purdue University

Master Margach has built a strong following through his many years of teaching, training, and competing in various martial art styles. He excels in teaching every type of student - from top competitors to shy five year-olds. He has taught in a variety of venues over the years including Texas School for the Blind, classrooms designed for at-risk kids, and martial art classes for elite competitors. Since 1990, he has taught martial arts in community facilities, allowing students to train in comprehensive, affordable programs with high caliber instruction.

As Chief Instructor, he is committed to keeping students motivated and provides additional learning opportunities through seminars and tournaments. In addition to holding a number of anti-abduction and bully self-defense seminars throughout the year for children, he also runs adult self-defense courses, focusing on realistic street self-defense. From the sport aspect of karate, he directs four Red Tiger Karate Tournaments per year, where students can learn the lessons taught in friendly competition.

Mr. Margach is involved in the largest national tournaments in the country, as part of the North American Sport Karate tournament circuit. He shares his competition knowledge and experience in his classes, as well as to the Red Tiger Competition Team.

Mr. Margach emphasizes the importance of education and hard work to all students. His educational background includes an MBA and Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University. He donates his time and resources to various organizations including American Cancer Society, International Red Cross, and the Cumberland Children's Home in Denton.

His goal is to help each student succeed in the martial arts and reach their personal best, inside and outside of the dojo. He created Red Tiger Karate to provide high quality programs that promote character development, physical fitness, and life skills for children and adults through the study of martial arts.











Mr. Margach (left) competing in NASKA

Mr. Margach (far left) with Team Red Tiger at the Lonestar Open Tournament in Austin, TX.

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