Flash and Ninja earned their Black Belts from Master Hong Kong Phooey

Flash & Ninja
Red Tiger Mascots

Flash and Ninja resided at the City Animal Shelter before making Red Tiger Ranch their permanent home. They spend time with our karate students at ninja camps, self-defense seminars, and community service events.

Before joining our program, they trained with Hong Kong Phooey in the art of Kong Phoo. They then went on to help train Scooby Doo on ninja tactics to solve mysteries and to catch bad guys. Lastly, Ninja is a consultant to McGruff the Crime Dog, doing his part to "take a bite out of crime."

A favorite among our younger students, our mascots love to spend time with children. Flash and Ninja especially enjoy licking kids, while working security to keep unruly parents at bay.



Ninja with McGruff the Crime Dog

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