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Team Red Tiger
Kids, Teens & Adults

Training Dates & Times

Mondays 7:30 - 8:30 pm
Winter: Jan 22 - March 5
Spring: April 2 - May 14
Fall: Sept 10
- Oct 22
Mini: Nov 12 - Dec 10

Vickery Elem Gym / 3301 Wager Rd
Flower Mound Map it
Park & enter in the back

A.S.K. Tournament Circuits

United Global Martial Arts
TX trnmts - NASKA rules

Austin Society of Karate
TX trnmts - NASKA rules

East Texas Society of Karate
TX trnmts - A.S.K. rules

Non-A.S.K. Tournament Circuits

Amateur Organization of Karate
TX trnmts - AOK rules

North American Sport Karate
National trnmts - NASKA rules


Members of Team Red Tiger are junior and adult students who are already accelerating in class and want to go to the next level of performance. Members of this team train to be competitive at state and national tournaments. It This training is in addition to attending the Red Tiger Karate classes.

The number of students we invite to the team is based on how many spots are available during any pairticular semester. Instructors use the following criteria as a general guideline:

  • Students are usually blue belt or higher rank.
  • Good students at school and maintain an acceptable grade point average.
  • Model students in karate class and maintain a good attitude at home.
  • Exhibit excellent balance, coordination, flexibility, and conditioning.
  • Perform class techniques properly, with good tension and snap.
  • Ability to follow instructions and learn quickly.
  • Show a good sense of timing and distance when sparring.

Being a part of this team will require additional time and money above the normal classes. Students must:

  • Maintain an acceptable grade point average at school and have a good attitude at home.
  • Continue to be a part of the regular Red Tiger Karate classes.
  • Purchase competition kamas and all sparring gear required by tournament circuits (head, shield, hands, foot, shin, chest gear). Available from your instructor at a discount price.

For more info, feel free to contact us at 817-845-1557 or email.


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