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Community Service

Red Tiger Karate proudly participates in a variety of programs to help improve quality of life, provide peace-of-mind, and teach life-skills to people of all ages in our neighborhoods. This includes visiting schools to give anti-abduction seminars, participating in Neighborhood Watch events, and teaching kids at high-need schools. We also contribute to various charities throughout the year, including American Cancer Society, International Red Cross, and Cumberland Childrens Home in Denton.

Student & Teacher Seminars

Red Tiger Karate has been providing school seminars for kids, teachers, and principals since 1999. We can tailor our visits to meet your needs. Our seminars are informative and inspirational. We can teach a variety of important life skills that are typically not taught in school curriculum.

Student & Teacher Seminars

Our most popular seminar topics include:

    • Bully Self-Defense - mental, verbal, and physical skills to avoid bully conflicts.
    • Anti-Abduction Training - lures & tricks predators use, role playing, mental and verbal skills, physical skills to get away.
    • Self-Esteem Seminars - demonstrations and student participation skills designed to improve confidence.
    • Inspirational and Motivational Demonstrations - typically done before big tests or school events.

We can teach in a variety of formats:

    • Limited number of students i.e. just one class.
    • Many classes in a serial fashion.
    • Assembly format.

Learning Beyond the Bell

Red Tiger Karate is a gold member sponsor for the school program "Learning Beyond the Bell." This powerful program is designed for students at high-need schools and complements the regular school day, rather than duplicating or imitating classroom instruction.

In partnership with Learning Beyond the Bell, our martial arts program is the perfect motivational component to help students improve academic grades, focus, and discipline - all while improving self-esteem. We also teach students how to handle negative peer-pressure to help them make the right decisions. Our curriculum is designed to teach life-skills to help kids succeed in life.

Red Tiger volunteer performers, with McGruff the Crime Dog
& our mascot Ninja, at National Night Out in Flower Mound.

Neighborhood Watch Events
& National Night Out

We are very active at National Night Out and Neighborhood Watch programs throughout the metroplex by providing self-defense seminars as well as performing demonstrations during these events. Spectators actually participate and practice various techniques under our supervision to help empower and synergize their neighborhoods.

Below: Neighbors practicing palm heel strike on
"Bubba" during a Neighborhood Watch get-together.





In the spirit of community education, our premier martial art programs are taught exclusively at schools, recreation centers, and other community facilities, allowing students to train in affordable programs with high caliber instruction.

Red Tiger Karate will continue to be a leader in community service, by providing children's self-defense seminars, being active in community events, and donating time and resources to various charities throughout the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex.
We are proud to be a part of the community.  Top of page


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