No karate experience necessary to participate.
Kids will learn life-skills with regard to bully self-defense and anti-abduction techniques.

  • Most seminars are $35 or less.
  • Our unique, fun, and practical teaching methods help kids learn effectively with interest.
  • The skills for bullly defense are very different than anti-abduction techniques. Our goal is to give kids the confidence to handle any situation in life that comes their way. We also help educate parents on these topics so they can work with their kids at home.

Being pushed around?


• How to diffuse a bully situation.
• Verbal tactics to discourage bullying.
• How to handle a physical confrontation.


• How to avoid predators.
• How to recognize child lures.
• How to physically get away using Release and Run Techniques.


Topics are serious but are taught in a fun, upbeat way. The kids will have a blast, but more importantly they will learn skills that can affect their lives in a big way.

We'll teach you how to come out on top!


See the Schedule page for seminar dates and times.

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