Red Tiger Karate for Juniors (ages 5-12)

ABOUT: Red Tiger Karate is our most popular family martial arts program with a number of locations in North Texas. The martial art style we teach is called American Karate. Bully-defense skills, anti-abduction techniques, and additional life skills are also incorporated into the curriculum. Our organization has been a cornerstone partner with school and city community education programs since 1999.

Benefits of training often includes improved confidence, better social skills, improved grades, self-control, and leadership skill development. We provide professional, supportive, and affordable training programs with no contracts and no association fees. Students simply pay as they go. We encourage students and parents to talk to us about any individual issues as training progresses.

Most locations are $60 for 8 weeks. Uniform required ($30) and available in class from the Head Instructor.

Simply register at the class within the first two weeks of the semester.
There is no online registration for this program.
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More About the Junior Program

The junior classes reinforce academic excellence, self-esteem, confidence, and respect. We emphasize that karate techniques only be practiced in our class and not in school or on the playground, as appropriate. On the academic side, we incorporate a series of incentives (“A-Team” patches) to motivate students to excel in school.

In addition to practicing karate techniques, abduction prevention training and bully self-defense skills are integrated in the lessons. Many parents enjoy watching the classes, not only to support their children, but to learn more about these safety topics.

Kids also have fun in class, as we teach purposeful karate games to the juniors. These games are designed to enhance mental focus, coordination, endurance, and strength. Our juniors don't know that part though, they're just having fun!

Family Benefits

Many adult students are parents that joined to assist and encourage their children. The family benefits include common goals, shared values, cooperation, and teamwork. Discounts are available for families with three or more students training.

The adult class follows the junior class at most locations.

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Junior Student Activities

Optional activities including camps, tournaments, belt tests, and seminars are integrated into the curriculum to enhance learning and enthusiasm. Friendly tournaments and Ninja Day Camps are held once per semester. Our tournaments for the juniors are "winners tournaments" where every student earns an award to help build confidence. The Junior Ninja Day Camps have a different theme every semester. Topics include abduction awareness, bully self-defense, judo, traditional martial art weapons (rubber for safety), as well as fun martial art games. Please note that there are additional fees for optional events.

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