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Tapered Hardwood Bo Staff


Rubber Nunchaku with Chain

  • Rubber construction for safety.
  • Chain ball bearing swivel for durability.

Speed Nunchaku with Chain

  • Lightweight Rattan Wood.
  • Spiral Burn Pattern and Hand Carvings.
  • Chain Ball Bearing Swivel for Durability.

Nunchaku Case

  • Black Vinyl Exterior
  • Soft Cloth Lining
  • Zipper Closure

Re-Breakable Boards

  • Rubber Palm Pad Provides Cushion to the Holder.
  • Choose From Four Levels of Difficulty (White through Green).


Deluxe Escrima Stick

  • Lightweight Rattan Wood
  • Protective Clear Coating Finish

Aluminum Sai

  • Lightweight, metallic finish prevents chipping.
  • One for $25 or two for $40


Chrome Octagon Sais

  • Leather Wrapped Handle.
  • Octagon Stems.
  • Sold in pairs.

Basic Tonfa

  • Constructed From Selected Hardwood.
  • Sold in pairs.

Competition Tonfa

  • Contoured Handled.
  • Canadian Ash Hardwood.
  • Sold in pairs.

Wood Practice Kama

  • Constructed From Select Hardwood.
  • Sold in Pairs.

Competition Kama

  • Unique Blade Design Reduces Air Resistance.
  • Planed Handle To Indicate Blade Direction..
  • Sold in pairs

Wood Practice Gun

  • One Piece Carved Solid Wood.
  • Used for Self-Defense Scenarios.

Rubber Practice Knife

  • All Rubber Design.
  • Textured Handle for Easy Grip.
  • Used for Self-Defense Scenarios.

Combo Deal

Wood gun, wood knife, rubber club.

  • $25 when purchased together.
  • $10 each when purchased individually.

Wood Kubotan Keyring

  • Ideal defense tool because anyone can use it.
  • Can effectively bring down attacker.
  • 6 inches in length.


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